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Hi there, I'm new!

I sort of already wrote an introduction of myself on my latest page; page 04. Basically; a recap: I am a rusty and out of touch comic artist who is trying to get back into the art world (mostly because she is broke). Steel and Manitou is a western/fantasy that will mix cowboy-type themes as well as Aboriginal peoples' (mainly: Plain's Cree and the Ojibwe) spirituality and traditions. I stated my references on page 04, but if I think of anymore, I will add them here. I still need to learn more about Native Americans, even though this comic is a loose interpretation and set in a fictional place.

Anyways..I have the entire prologue completed so except regular updates; I am thinking monday's and friday's.. but we will see as we go.

So.. um.. HI!

posted by ashtree-house @ January 24th, 2015, 3:38 am   0 Comments